After watching this man for a few years now, I reiterate what I said about his level as interviewer of the nighttime realms. He is second only to Letterman, and if CBS doesn’t secure Stewart as the successor to Letterman, it should no longer call itself The Tiffany Network,

Most of you have probably seen the video clips on YouTube from 2004, when Jon appeared on CNN and leveled Tucker Carlson as the dilettante hack he is. The amazing things about that are these – a) Stewart was earnestly trying to get answers to pertinent questions, not going for the laughs, b) he showed, as he does frequently on his show on Comedy Central, that he has no shortage of quick wit or deep understanding – if he was simply spouting rehearsed epithets it would still be funny, but not nearly as important and astounding – few people have the thought process and presence of mind that Stewart has, c) when he did see that earnest questions were getting no honest answers, he went straight for the jugular, tearing Carlson a new orifice, while ingratiating himself to the home CNN audience – not a simple task at any time.

Tonight, he took apart the CNBC stock soothsayer, Jim Cramer, in a similar manner. You have to give it to Cramer, because he alluded to his entering the lion’s den earlier in the day on the Martha Stewart show, yet he went on. So Cramer, though another network hack, with delusions of stock market grandeur, is at least a big enough person to honor commitments.

Still, the interview shows what is frequently wrong with television. Many times, a show (it doesn’t matter what show, any television show fits here) will begin, with a warning that the purpose of it is entertainment only, and no actual help or intellectual prowess on the part of the host is to be inferred. Other times, there is a knowing nod to the audience; enough a sign to clue the audience to the fact that nothing serious is about to happen. However, on shows like the one Cramer hosts, no admission is made upfront; no wink to the audience is made. As Stewart pointed out, this is disingenuous, and borderline criminal, as Molly Flopnurn in Topeka can’t ferret out the fact that this idiot is nothing more than the equivalent of psychics that used to be found on late night infomercials. She bets the farm on the predictions of this charlatan, and then loses said farm. The sad truth is that there are many Molly Flopnurns out there, as evidenced by the numbers who were taken to the cleaners by Mr. Madoff.

Stewart brings the best disinfectant to the blight that is all of these, the sunlight of knowledge and critical thinking – and should be put in the forefront, on a large network, while they still exist.

By the way, when not doing these other things, he is as funny as anyone else on the tube.


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