Let’s face it. Every day we hear more and more about corporate shenanigans and CEO’s who have have spoiled the executives using taxpayers money. So with Circuit City DOA, how will Best Buy treat consumers and will they continue their pricing policies now that competition has disappeared? These are some of the questions that some are asking. But my take is that Best Buy still has plenty of Competition to keep at their pricing honest.

Case in point. Last November I wanted to buy a flat panel TV for the bedroom. I knew exactly the make and medel I wanted. I shopped online at Best Buy, Circuit City and others. Amazon had the best price, free shipping and no sales tax. The TV arrived within 5 days and was delivered right to my door. But will online ordering be enough to keep Best Buy honest on their pricing?

I believe it will. Plus there are still other brick and mortar stores for us to compare pricing with such as Sears. Believe it or not Sears does have competitive pricing when they run their stuff on sale.

Just curious. Where do you find your best pricing on electronic products?

Let us know.

Comments welcome.