This morning, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes posted an article extolling the virtues of the very latest revision of the Windows 7 beta. After reading the article, I was very impressed with the looks of the speed differences he was achieving with the newest OS.

I left a message in the comments column, and went about my usual morning rituals. I then went back about 90 minutes later, to see if there had been a response. I was fairly sure I would get a response, because I had asked questions about why my results, informally obtained with my test system, an Athlon64 3200 with 2 GB RAM and an ATi video system, with 2 identical Seagate 80 GB 7200 RPM drives, were so different.

I also let him know, in the message, that I really don’t like the interface of Windows 7, as I see it as a return to the look and feel of Windows 3.1 (it is, but with better resolution). I also don’t like the way that the file system has been changed, but saying that, I also said that I would have to think hard about shunning Windows 7 if it truly had the performance that he was indicating.

Imagine my surprise when the comment was not there. I forgot to mention that mine was the very first comment on the article – or at least appeared to be, as when I looked at my comment on the page, there still was none before mine.

I then sent an e-mail, indicating my displeasure at the removal of my comment, because – it attacked no one, did not attack his testing methods, used no vulgar or otherwise offensive language, and was on topic.

Then I received a response from him –

Which comment? What post? I have no control whatsoever to remove or
edit anyone elses comments – that control lies with folks ZDNet …
Feel free to repost (and send me a link), or send them to me via email
and I’ll chat with you that way.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 3:02 PM,  <[email protected]> wrote:
> Really bad form. I was not attacking you or your methods. I simply >thought you might be able to give another view on why my results are so >different from yours.
> This takes my admiration of you (and especially ZDNet) down about four >notches, as this is not the first time my comments have been removed >when they did not attack anyone, use vulgar language, or were off-topic.

I am now wondering why , if I am to believe Mr. Kingsley-Hughes, why anyone at ZDNet would not want this type of conversation to take place in the open. I can only conclude that this is much like the other comments I have had removed there, that it would have lead to a Microsoft product to be shown in an unfavorable light. I know that has caused other comments to be removed – every time not being off-topic, or vulgar, or personally attacking anyone. (The comments were to other writer’s articles, not any of AKH’s columns.) I am going to give Mr. Kingsley-Hughes the benefit of the doubt, but this is four times with ZDNet.

I know it tends to make me wonder if my article about payola from Microsoft was entirely correct.


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