Another major city newspaper will print its final edition. This time, it is the Seattle Post-Intelligencer which ends its long run in the print media:

“The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which has chronicled the news of the city since logs slid down its steep streets to the harbor and miners caroused in its bars before heading north to Alaska’s gold fields, will print its final edition Tuesday.

Hearst Corp., which owns the 146-year-old P-I, said Monday that it failed to find a buyer for the newspaper, which it put up for a 60-day sale in January after years of losing money.”

link: Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper goes Web-only

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will try to remain an online presence. However, there will be less staff and it will be heavily dependent upon advertising revenue. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has been a quality print publication. It’s just a sad day for those who have an affection for the printed news.

Catherine Forsythe