My buddy Charlie [aka Goose] had asked myself and my other good buddy Denny [aka Bugsy], what laptop he should buy? He wants to buy a unit from Costco since they provide an extended warranty plus their pricing for laptops is competitive. He sent us an email yesterday with a HP model he was looking at and both Denny and I stated it looked very good for the price.

So last night I was looking through the April 2009 edition of PC Magazine and I noted a remark in the comments section. A reader was defending his HP purchase stating he hadn’t any issues and was responding to a February article in which a readers survey of some 32,000 readers gave HP poor marks. So I went online and found the article and also the overall rating chart used in the PC Magazine article. Here is what it looks like:


So what do you think Charlie should buy? If you own an HP, what is your opinion about the product? How is the service? Let us know.

Comments welcome.