Malware on your ATM machine? Unlikely, be it hardly impossible. The very idea of any sort of a malware threat coming down the way on today’s ATMs just seems like a complete waste of time. Why? Because there are many more effective ways to be malicious than simply opting to pursue misdeeds on the desktop realm than that of attacking ATM machines.

Not only that, but one must also remember that “skimming”, is generally done with one person skimming a credit card when another person hands it to them for payment for something. Generally, something like an ATM would be entirely too difficult to attack. Well, at least with any kind of criminal success I guess.

Speaking frankly, I think we all need to be more wary of what kind of people we are entrusting with out credit cards with than working about an exploit taking place with an ATM. Truth be told, you will find it vastly more likely and possible for someone to “skim” your personal data when handling your credit/debit card in the physical world rather than trying their luck with an exploited ATM.

Think I am wrong or perhaps we are underestimating the threat that is an exploited ATM machine? Hit the comments, let’s hear your thoughts.