As I mentioned last week, I was going to give Linux another try to see what some of the latest new distributions have to offer. I was also interested in how well the new distributions would work with my newer hardware on a new laptop and also a new gaming rig I had recently built.

I first started with Kubuntu which uses the KDE interface that I prefer over Gnome. The first thing I noticed was a that allows Kubuntu to be installed directly into a Windows folder and does not require a separate parition. Nice. But I was Leary about possibly messing up my Windows Vista install on my new laptop. I finally decided to trust Kubuntu and did the install. All worked well. The problem I had was connecting to my wireless router. No matter what I did I couldn’t connect. Yet using a hardwire setup worked just fine.

I than gave gOS a try. I really like gOS for one simple reason. gOS uses everything from Google except for Fireofx which I would imagime will be replaced with Chrome once it is ready for prime time. But gOS uses Gmail, Google apps, just everything Google has to offer. But I had the same problem. I couldn’t connect to the Internet.

I next tried my old reliable distro. PClinuxOS 2009. After I ran the live CD I click on the network link, selected refresh wireless networks and immediately was able to connect to the Internet. PCLinuxOS 2009 works so well I have installed it along with Vista and will dual boot testing this OS on my laptop. All is working well thus far. For those who might consider using Linux, give PClinuxOS 2009 a try. It is free and works very well.

That’s it for now.

This posting is being brought to you via Linux.