I wouldn’t be caught dead with this as my address, but for those of you who think Vista wasn’t the biggest blight on humanity since Carrot Top, you can get a special Windows Live address through bink.nu (yes, that one, for all of you who remember DOS and fossil drivers!).

Live Mail provides free 2 5 Gigabyte mailboxes for its members.
I managed to get this very special domain name vista.aero and I’m sharing it with you!

This can also be your primary Windows Live Messenger ID!

So sign-up now!

March 2009: Due to abuse of the open membership by scammers, you cannot automaticly sign-up anymore.

If you still want this cool email address email me at bink a+ vista.aero with your requested mail address.

So there it is, nirvana (nerd-vana?) for Vista-philes, This may not last much longer, as soon Microsoft will be eschewing anything Vista like the red-headed stepchild down the street.


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It’s hard to cope with all this great weather! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

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