We sure seem to like having full control over URLs, don’t we? We customize them, shorten them, analyze them, and so on. If we don’t like the way a URL is presented, it doesn’t really matter because we can easily create a new one that points to the right place. A lot of these efforts involve giving attention to a single URL, but sometimes one URL doesn’t cut it. More and more, multiple pages are involved in telling a story or getting a point across, and that’s why 1link.in is useful.

With 1link.in, you can put multiple links in one simple and short URL. When the URL is visited, the visitor is told which sites are included, and when they click the open button, all of the included links open up. There are various ways that this type of functionality can be used, and if you’d like, you can even include a password to make sure that the links don’t fall into the wrong hands. I can’t believe how much can be done with links these days.