I own several computers, and I can tell you right now that all of them don’t have the same files. Different things are on different hard drives, so I sometimes have to switch between computers to get what I want. Additionally, I do have some backups on physical media, but certainly nothing automatic and online. This data chaos is only hurting me, and it’s about time that I started using something like Dropbox so that I can be sure that my files are synced and safe.

The software is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, but no matter which operating system(s) you use, the online component transcends the desktop software component. Dropbox isn’t complicated to use and doesn’t get in your way. Files are automatically synced and can be accessed online at any time even if you’re not on one of your computers. Files and photos can also be easily shared with others, which makes Dropbox a useful Web hosting solution in some ways. The first 2GB of storage are free, but you’ll have to pay to get more space.