Despite the economic slowdown, it seems like nothing is going to even encroach on PC gaming sales no matter how bad things get. As you can see from Google Trends, PC gaming remains a hot search item which leads me to believe that it is still doing strong in the marketplace.

But despite this, I have to ask – is gaming really driving the notebook market? My gut tells me no and I see no indication of this changing. I believe that gamers will want a full desktop system with a notebook for what a notebook does best. Bringing the web with them when they are on the go.

So considering the fact that notebooks seem to be out pacing desktop machines, does PC gaming dictate the future of the desktop PC as we know it? This is the question that has been on my mind for sometime. There is still a lingering feeling that as notebooks and now, netbooks, continue to gain market share, the desktop PC is going to largely be left to geeks and gamers.

Am I wrong on this? Are there other strong indicators showing that new desktop purchases are going to make a rebound sometime soon? Hit the comments, would love some feedback on this line of thought.