For years we PC users have been the focal point from Mac users who have always brought to our attention how secure the Mac is compared to the PC. Well all of that is starting to change as the Mac becomes more popular. Over at Trend Micro their latest security report seems to indicate that Mac users could be targeted during 2009 and they site several malware attacks that have already been directed at the Mac.

According to Trend Micro their survey states the following information:

The company cited some recent incidences of malware attacks aimed at Macs to prove its point. Accordingly, the researchers state that during December 2008, Mac computers were hit with the malicious program identified as OSX_JAHLAV.A arrived through spam mails and pretended to be an application for distribution. However, links embedded in the e-mails diverted users to a website that claimed to have a luring video. Meanwhile, rather than downloading certain codec needed to watch the video, end-users received a malicious program, the researchers recounted.

Further, during November 2008, Trend Micro drew people’s attention towards another malware targeted the Mac OS. Identified as OSX_LAMZEV.A, this malware reportedly helped hackers in acquiring control over infected computers.

In addition, Trend Micro’s report also states that the rise in malware attacks against Apple’s computers is expected to take place during July-December 2009. Since Mac systems are not packaged with antivirus programs as default installations like Windows computers, it will increase the convenience of malware authors.

Thus, the security researchers state that users of Apple’s Mac can’t allow themselves to remain relaxed about viruses, given the rising number of malware attacking the Mac OS. 

Not being a Mac head myself, I have no idea as to the accuracy of the report. Maybe those who use a Mac can enlighten us as to the severity of the attacks. 

Comments welcome as always.