As this article indicates here, it seems that PCs made by Dell are still showing a strong demand even with the economic challenges of late. Yet it seems that most of the demand seen in the PC sales, is not happening in the US. It is believed that much of the sought after growth will come from international markets, namely China as being one of the biggest examples.

Frankly, it is difficult to say where Dell is going to end up with their sales as things wear on. But as current trends go, it seems like new sales will be generated elsewhere for the time being, despite some glimmers of hope in recent sales trends here in the states.

Will trends if Dell sales end up returning to normal here anytime soon, too soon to tell I suspect. But if history is any indication of how things will end up, PC sales will come back with the new release of Windows. Perhaps not with as strong of sales as in years past, but the sales will return.