By now, most of you have likely heard that Google Android is to receive Flash support. If you are like most people, chances are good that this will serve to further push mobile phones into the ranks once dominated by PCs and notebooks. With as much emphasis as I might like to put on today’s latest technology going behind the Netbooks, it just feels like we are going to see mobile technology leading the way.

And while the newer stuff coming to Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and the iPhone are all pretty cool, I do believe that the demand for more reliance on wireless LANs will become the norm with less emphasis on 3G networks. At the end of the day, free is free and access to those 3G networks is not really the best value in my opinion.

Not too long ago, I myself gave serious thought to dumping access to the 3G network for my carrier as it was really not needed. Most of the time, accessing data over my phone could be done here at the house from our existing wifi network. So why pay AT&T to access their much slower network at $30+ a month.

How about you – 3G for a fee or neighborhood wifi for free? Hit the comments.