Oh Microsoft. How you need to pull off a winner. With the anchor known as Vista hanging around your neck, you need to pull something out of your bag of tricks. But are you people really fooling us by dropping little tidbits of rumors and false announcements around the Internet? I think not.

Since the first of the year we have seen Windows 7 beta mysteriously appear on torrents. Next came the rumor that RC would be released in April. Than the RC was released by undercover secret agents in Redmond. Now on TechNet a mystery page appears from no where, indicating a May 2009 release. Come on people! Are we to believe that the folks who setup the web pages at TechNet are retarded? That they accidentally posted pages in March that will appear in May?

I personally don’t believe any of this. Microsoft is orchestrating media hype.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.