Gnomie Jim writes:

Hey, Chris!

I have a two-year-old Toshiba A205-S4607 running Vista Home Premium with 2 X 1G in the two available slots. I wanted to increase to 3G, so I purchased a 2G card (Black Diamond series) from I took all the safety measures when installing it. The laptop recognized the new memory by showing that I now had 3G.

After four days I got a message that Windows had stopped working because of hardware, software, or a program issue and suggested I close and reboot in safe mode. After powering down, the computer would not come back on. The little blue power light on the front of the laptop was indicating the power came on and the fan sounded like it was running, but nothing came on the screen.

I removed the new 2G card and put my original 1G back in, but again, it wouldn’t boot up. It did boot up with only the bottom 1G card in its slot. I switched and tried the other 1G in the bottom slot and it booted up with that one as well. I again tried the matched pair (Samsung) in their slots and it would not boot up. I had to again remove the top card for the laptop to boot up.

So whenever a card is in the top slot… no dice on booting up. I was reluctant to try the 2G in the bottom slot for fear of damaging that slot as well. The 2G is 667 MHz, so it was supposedly compatible.

Instead of increasing my RAM by 1G, I have now decreased it by 1G. I downloaded a newer version of my BIOS from Toshiba (5.20) and still nothing. offered a refund, by that really doesn’t help the situation. It also offered to send a Samsung 2G card which I said I’d try. Have you (or any of your readers) ever heard of anything like this, and do you have any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!