As many folks may have heard recently, the Nokia 5800 now has WeatherBug showing up as an option fro installation from the 5800’s download folder. That’s right, now you can now have a WeatherBug application of your very own on the Nokia 5800 that rivals WeatherBug apps seen on the G1 and the iPhone.


Like the aforementioned WeatherBug mobile apps, you have the ability to use or not use the GPS abilities of your phone. This translates into being able to get real time weather without any intervention from you, as you travel throughout the US. Most people utilize this feature as it means the weather data you are receiving is local no matter where in the States you happen to be traveling. Cell coverage cooperating, of course.

So, what do you get when you do decide to install WeatherBug onto the Nokia 5800?

What you get.

  • Real time weather from the nearest location! Unlike other mobile apps giving you data from who knows where, you can select the nearest weather station possible as apposed to the nearest airport.
  • Temp and wind speed. We all expect to be presented with the real temperature when we needed it, but there is also something to be said about access to the application’s virtual wind direction monitor as well. In some cases, access to real time wind speed is something that needs to be as accurate as possible. This is why so many people rely on WeatherBug for their weather data. It’s live and transmitted in real time.
  • Seven day forecast. Knowing what is going to happen in the week to come matters, WeatherBug’s widget for the Nokia 5800 also provides you with the latest data for the seven day forecast for any given area/location.
  • Store multiple locations. The ability to use roaming weather with the phone’s GPS functionality is neat, but there is also something to be said about stored locations as well. Helps with travel plans when you are able to gather the latest forecast for a set location without a lot of extra fumbling around.
  • Radar and Maps. Just like you might see on WeatherBug for the iPhone or G1, dynamic maps and radar imagery is provided with the user’s expectations in mind.

The reviews are good!

After going through the reviews, I came across these two and found them to do a nice job in both presentation along with showing off some of the screenshots for the application as well.

Other mobile platforms?

Don’t own this Nokia phone but still want the live, stream weather data? Not a problem, just head on over to this link here and find a match to the phone you currently own.