I received a comment from reader ‘wannabee avg user’ who presented the following problem:

Hello Ron,

I downloaded AGV 8,0 a few months ago, and i was very happy. It worked perfectly and I was recommended to my friends!
Than something happened; it wasnt working correct and
seaching the net, I ‘ven’t got the green signes anymore !
So I try to uploaded it to 8.5 on the offical site; AVG.
It doesn’t work, so I removed it and tried to download the whole new version 8.5; it failed, got the message; Log machine installation failed Installation: Error: Action failed for
directory Log: setting directory access rights Invalid parameter specified
???? I don’t understand a word of it; The first time it downloaded itself without any problem.
Do I have a virus on my computer, is something wrong with
Vista and avg free 8.5 or anything else?
Would you please help me?
And please in simple terms, because I am a computer dummy 
;) and english is not so good, if you didn’t reconize ;)

Hello wannabee avg user:

My first thoughts are these. First you may have received a corrupted download. I’d try the download from another site, like this one:



You will notice on the file hippo site that there is also a download link for CCleaner. You may wish to consider running this program as well to remove any registry errors that may be prohibiting the install.

Yes. You could have a bug on your system. I would run Trend Micro online scanner to see if this is the problem. I’d would do this first.


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