Gnomie Reese writes:

Hi, Chris! I have two quick questions for you — maybe you can help. I bought a new laptop with Vista yesterday and am having a major problem that I never, ever experienced in XP. Basically, I’ll open and edit an HTML or SHTML (or really any text) file in Notepad and save it… and suddenly all of the formatting disappears. The moment I save, the ENTIRE file just bunches up into one solid paragraph.

I can’t edit my Web site this way… most of my files are huge and I need the appropriate spacing and line breaks in there; making changes is completely impossible. With the few files I’ve tried, I’ve had to take an hour or two to go back, find, and redo ALL of the line breaks, spacing, etc.

If you (or any of your readers) can please tell me whether or not a simple setting is the cause of this, and if I can fix it easily enough, it would really mean the world to me. I need to update my sites and can’t do it if new saves are going to cause all of the code to run together like that. Also, for the first few hours with this new laptop, there was no problem. Then suddenly, every time I go to Gmail, it loads the page and then instantly disappears, leaving me with only the background. I have to right click on the page and refresh for my inbox to show up properly. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!