When I first read this article, I actually found myself with shivers going up and down my spine. Frankly, the idea of being forced back to dial-up would drive me to other alternatives, such as taking a laptop to a coffee shop!

Now there is no question that the temptation of $10 dial-up could sway a great number of users here in North America. And it is also true that many current Lockergnome readers are using dial-up, although I suspect location is the driving force in this instance. But despite this, I have to ask. How in heck are you able to do ANYTHING on a dial-up connection these days with today’s rich content heavy Web sites?

Considering pretty much anything we see these days on the Web really requires a decent broadband connection, I am unsure as to how successfully one can be expected to use a dial-up connection to view this type of content.

Now most people will be quick to point out that with DSL and various WiMax type alternatives, there is no reason to take such an extreme step. Unfortunately, what so many people also fail to realize is how poor the DSL penetration rate is in many areas. So in this instance, your options are pretty much cable or nothing. And unlike DSL, cable Internet is priced to make people cry. Cable in general is rather inflated in my neck of the woods, anyway. So I am thankful I’m living in a FiOS ready neighborhood and that I am able to afford the level of service I require to be able to work from home.

For those of you forced to use dial-up currently, I would be interested in hearing whether this is a matter of location or cost involved? Hit the comments section; let’s hear your experiences on this.