In Midtown Manhattan recently four brand new shiney 2010 Chevy Camaro’s drew attention when they were paraded before news folks and consumers alike. The new Chevy’s are the work of the masters of design from GM who have been trying to come up with a model since the Camaro was originally discontinued in 2002. Which brings up some questions.

First GM most likely dropped the Camaro because of poor sales. So why does the company feel that a new Camaro won’t fail as well? GM states they have 14,000 orders for the new car but that just doesn’t seem like a lot of cars. Maybe 140,000 orders would make more sense. What is going to be interesting is to see if the government will allow the production of the new Camaro. The new car comes with a V-8 with a whopping 426 HP or s smaller V-6 that gets 20 m.p.g.

The article also states that:

“Look at the headlight and the eyebrow,” he said. The ringlike lamp and metal overhang suggest an air of intense concentration. “There is lot of detail and jewelry to the car.”

He ran his hands over the wide rear fender, or shoulder, of the black car. “This is the deepest stamping General Motors has ever done,” he said. “It is deeper than anything Porsche ever did.” Mr. Lee pointed out a set of creases in the metal just behind the door. “We call them gills. They are a reference to the 1969,” referring to the model year that inspired the Camaro revival. “We wanted to make them functional, to cool the brakes, but they are just symbolic.”

I’ve owned three Camaro’s in my lifetime, A 1971, 1976 and a 1988. All served me very well and I had no issues with any of them. In fact they were some of the best cars I have ever owned. But that was than and this is now.

I must admit that the new Camaro looks good. But is it to late for GM to produce a muscle car? What do you think.

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