Some may find it strange that a female would read a book that finds its roots for males only. But I read Mr. Dungy’s book, UNCommon: Finding Your Pathe To significance, because I respect the man and his opinions. The other reason I chose to read his writings is because he is a good God fearing person who has earned the respect while coaching the Indianapolis Colts. Few will disagree that he portrays a man, father and coach who has influenced many lives during his career.

But what makes the book a good read for everyone? The book is written in a very casual manner in which you feel a bond with Mr. Dungy as you read his writings and opinions about life. He shares with the reader what it really means for a man on how he deals with issues such as family, friends, career but most importantely, his relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Mr Dungy expresses his belief that a relationship with Christ provides a man with a direction of service to family and also his fellow man. This deep relationship is the cornerstone of his beliefs.

But he is not preaching at us, but rather sharing with us his beliefs and how it has influenced his life as well as the life of others. He expresses his belief that your men to find themselves a mission in life and to follow their dreams to a successful conclusion. But more importantly that while they are seeking their way through life, that they maintain a relationship with their family while they secure a career for themselves.

You do not need to be a football fan to enjoy Mr. Dungy’s writings. This book would make an excellent gift for any young man is your family. Mr. Dungy provides an excellent example of how young men should lead their lives along with the guidance from our Lord, Jesus Christ.