Kodak is filling the airwaves where I live with a host of Kodak printer commercials. The main theme is how others like HP, Canon or whoever, are ripping us off in the price they charge for ink. Kodak claims that their ink is so cheap, it borders on being almost free. OK. I exaggerated slightly.

Last evening I went over to Amazon and took a look at some of the Kodak printers they were selling. I also read quite a few reviews that was a mixed bag of nuts. Some love the printers while others did not. The all in one design feature, some with the ability to send faxes, seemed reasonably priced and on par with the cost from other OEM’s. But I have been an HP fan for years and struggle with the premise of changing brands.

So this is where you come in. If you own a Kodak printer share your opinion with us, good or bad. What do you like and dislike about the printer? Are the cartridges really as cheap as Kodak says they are?

Comments welcome.