I have been using WOT, aka Web Of Trust, for over six months. I received a newsletter alert indicating a new version was available for downloading. WOT can be used by both Internet Explorer and Firefox users and blends completely into the background, using few resources.

According to the news blub I received, it stated that:

Web of Trust launches a new version of the WOT safe surfing add-on with customizable protection. Experienced Web users who prefer “Light” protection get a simple warning if they surf to a page with a poor reputation, whereas selecting “Maximum Safety” will prevent a risky page from loading. Parents with young children can choose the “Parental Control” mode which blocks access to sites that contain pornography or other adult content.

WOT provides four convenient one-click protection options that can be changed instantly depending on the situation:

·         “Light” protection suits experienced Web users

·         “Basic” protection guides the user by giving warnings

·         “Maximum Safety” stops dangerous Web sites from loading

·         “Parental Control” blocks access to Web sites with a poor child safety rating            and no rating at all

Give WOT a try and let us know what you think. This might be a great time to advise your friends and family about the viruses on the Internet and to recommend they protect their computers with WOT.

Comments welcome.

Download WOT from here.