As a full time Ubuntu Linux user, I am most certainly someone who lives by and loves using open source software. And at one time, I was a happy Firefox user. Unfortunately ever since about v3.0, Firefox has run with a level of performance of a drunk ballerina going through an obstacle course. Yes, sad as it is to say, Firefox on Linux runs really slowly.

So you will have to forgive my lack of excitement on the announcement of Firefox 3.0.8. It was only after making a number of tweaks to it that it was something that was not running with the speed of molasses. On the flip side of things, I suppose I should be happy that I was able to do something with the browser. After all, it’s not like I was really wanting to start using Opera again. And Konqueror…please.

No, for my needs, it will continue to be a Firefox lifestyle for this Linux geek. After trying countless other web browsers throughout the years on countless distros, I always end up coming back to the big Mozilla made fox in the hen house.