Sometimes we may think we know everything, but usually when that happens, a random event is triggered to prove that we’re just as clueless as everyone else. We may know a lot about certain things and even be considered as an expert in a specific field, but there will be other areas of life where we’ll have to rely on the knowledge of others to give us the information that we need. A lot of the time we rely on our personal network of friends to help us out, but if used in the right way, the Internet is a very beneficial tool that can connect us with people from all over the world who can be of assistance. Fluther helps make these connections possible.

Simply put, people ask questions, and other people answer them. Sometimes the questions involve requests for advice, but in other situations users just want to find out what people think. As a member, you can organize your own group of interesting people, and when you create your account you’ll be able to specify what your interests are and what topics you know a lot about. This helps you to uncover questions where you can help out.