During the past few years while writing here at Lockergnome, I have covered various aspects about defragmentation, including whether to defrag or not. As I have previously mentioned, I believe that using a defragmentation program to keep your hard disk tuned up is beneficial. Over the years I have used many different software programs, both free and paid versions, including those that come built into Windows itself. 

Last week I was offered a free demonstration copy of PerfectDisk 10 from the folks at Raxco to try and see what I thought of the product. But before getting into the nuts and bolts of PerfectDidsk 10, I want to say one thing. Our computer systems are unique to each of us. By this I mean that the way we use our systems and the programs on our systems are all different.  So with this in mind, any software we install on a computer may perform differently for each of us. There in another aspect of computers that I also firmly believe in. It is called ‘feel’. The way the program ‘feels’ to each user.

PerfectDisk 10 was easy to install and configuring the program was simple. I chose the option to scan internal hard disks only, to which I have only one on my laptop system. My laptop system is an AMD dual core, 3GB of RAM with a 160 GB hard disk using Vista Home Premium w/SP1. The dashboard for PerfectDisk 10 is a no brainer and simple to use. While there are many different bells and whistles available, I chose what the folks at Raxco calls is smart placement. This is how smart works according to a blurb on the Raxco website:

PerfectDisk 10 Home Edition’s patented SMARTPlacement feature is the most intelligent defrag solution available. It organizes the file on your drive according to your unique usage. This comprehensive process yields faster defrag passes, quicker boot times, slower rates of fragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved computer performance.

I chose this option and let her rip. I have two requirements I look for in any defrag program. First, while the program is running can I do my own thing and use my computer without the program interfering with my work? Second, is after the program finishes its work, do I notice any performance increase, i.e. faster boot or files opening quicker than before?

My results. PerfectDisk 10 while running in the background causes no system slowdown. I was able to surf the Internet, retrieve email, even play a game of hearts without any noticable hiccups that does happen when using some defrag programs. Next is performance. My system was quicker to respond to opening documents in MS Word and and also the boot time was quicker as well.

I would highly recommend PerfectDisk 10 if you wish to have a better running PC at an affordable price.

Check out Raxco’s website here. Take the free trail version for a test spin and see what you think. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised like I was.

Good job Raxco!!