Web 2.0 – seems like a weird name for the next generation of web design. Yet despite this title being rather silly on a multitude of levels, here we are. The idea behind changing the name of Web 2.0 is much like the desire to be done with the term “Podcasting”. Neither term does very well as a descriptive term. But unlike Podcasting, Web 2.0 encompasses such a wide berth of web sites and companies that simply referring to these entities as “Web 2.0” web sites really does not do anyone justice.

It wasn’t until the Web 2.0 Expo someone of importance boldly tossed out the idea of changing the term Web 2.0 into something that might potentially be a bit more functional…at least for the time being. One of the ideas that happened to come up was put simply as Web Squared. Now, not to poke holes in anyone’s dream of a new Web 2.0 name here, but that is actually worse as far as I am concerned.

According to Wikipedia, the 2.0 in the term used today is supposed to represent the historical context of web businesses coming back after the collapse of the Dot-Com bubble bursting. There are other reasons surrounding the reasons according to the article, but that first one is what struck me the most. And it is with that understanding that I take that logic and submit the following – Post-Web 1.0. Hey, don’t knock it. At least it is just as accurate as Web 2.0 if nothing else, right?