Mark Shuttlesworth, who is the father of Ubuntu, is making some claims as to why Linux is going to make in roads into the Windows market. He feels that netbooks is going to be where Linux starts to gain ground on Windows and will become a real threat. He also claims that his new release of Unbuntu called ‘¬†Jaunty Jackalope’ is going to be great and easier to use.

In a recent interview, Mark Shuttleworth stated that:

Shuttleworth said that Windows 7 creates a level playing field where we’ll be competing with a new version of Windows.

This means that Linux can say, “look you are going to have to buy new software, why pay for it?”

Then he starts to get a bit silly saying that the next billion PC users won’t be as interested in compatibility with Microsoft Office as they are in connecting to Twitter and staying connected to their social network through the Web.

Twitter? Office? He would have been better off saying that OpenOffice now does what Volish Office does so, why pay for it?

He also fails to notice that on the netbook space Linux is more likely to be competing against Androidn, which is also free.

Interesting observation. Or is it wishful thinking? It does appear that Microsoft has a real fear of Linux. Their market share of computer systems running Windows has slipped to 88% according to some reports. This could be attributed to the inexpensive netbooks that currently operate using Linux. 

What do you think?

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