Yesterday, not once, but twice, I was contacted by one of you through Twitter. Each direct message was from a Gnomie who had been around since the early days! Seems to me that Twitter has become an amazing way of staying connected throughout the day. Now, if you haven’t already signed up for Twitter, I’m not here to convince you to do so. It’s either something that’s up your alley (or not).

However, I’m certainly posting updates, contests, giveaways, links, etc. throughout the day — technology news to semi-personal views (yes, sometimes). I also use it to let people know when I’m starting to record my daily videos for YouTube. Follow me here if you haven’t already:

Of course, your participation is most welcome through any one of the channels we’ve created for interactivity (like Geeks, for instance). It’s all about making connections – no matter where, no matter when, and no matter how!