T-Mobile, the countries 4th largest telco is planning on introducing new devices for the home, all of which will using Google’s Android as their operating system. The telco also states that these new devices will be able to handle Internet processes such as weather and managing data. The company also hopes to expand their home device offerings during 2009 and beyond. The company will be in direct competition with devices using operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and Nokia.

In a recent article it also states that:

Last August, T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier after AT&TVerizon and Sprint, was the first carrier to sell a cellphone, the G1, based on the Android software, an operating system that handles the basic functions for mobile devices.

Google maintains some control over Android, even though the software is open source, meaning other companies can alter it to suit their needs. But so far, only the T-Mobile phone, made by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, uses the software.

Android competes with operating systems made by AppleMicrosoftNokia and others. The vision for the operating system, however, has stretched to cover a wide range of mobile devices, including computers.

T-Mobile’s use of Android to advance its ambitions also shows just how blurry the line has become between phones and computers. Its tablet-size phone device resembles a small laptop without a keyboard and has a seven-inch touch screen. It would handle basic computing jobs like checking the weather or managing data across a variety of devices in the home.

“All of the carriers are going to be supporting these mobile Internet devices that range from laptops to smartphones,” said Greg Sterling, an analyst with Opus Research, which monitors the mobile industry. 

By T-Mobile going with Google’s Android this could lower prices for we consumers. Currently the Apple iPhone which is joined at the hip with AT&T is expensive. Hopefully the new devices from T-Mobile will become popular and also lower costs.

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