General Motors and Seqway have teamed up to bring us a proto-type of a two wheeled vehicle that is part Segway and part two seat-er car. The all electric vehicle is said to go 35 miles between charges and cost only 35 cents to charge fully. The vehicle was demonstrated on the Today show this morning [April 7, 2009] and looks very interesting. Top speed is 35 m.p.h. which is surprising.

On the NBC site it also states that:

The 300-pound prototype runs on a lithium-ion battery and uses Segway’s characteristic two-wheel balancing technology, along with dual electric motors. It’s designed to reach speeds of up to 35 miles-per-hour and can run 35 miles on a single charge.

The companies did not release a projected cost for the vehicle, but said ideally its total operating cost — including purchase price, insurance, maintenance and fuel — would total between one-fourth and one-third of that of the average traditional vehicle.




No pricing has been released as of yet. The vehicle also has a code name of Puma as of this article. Maybe GM can reinvent itself after all. 

But would buy one?  Let us know what you think.

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