When Acer scooped up Gateway the company made it clear that they had their sights on HP and Dell. Acer seems to be throwing down the gauntlet as in one single night they introduced over 20 new computer products. From laptops to netbooks, including high end systems that feature sleek Mac like aluminum bodies, Acer is making a statement to the #1 and #2 computer companies. According to an article over at Yahoo Tech:

The Acer Aspire Timeline series is a completely new line, specifically designed for longer battery life – not with bulkier and heavier batteries, but with existing technology. And more impressively, it does so without breaking the $1,000 barrier. Whether it’s the Timeline 3810T (13.1-inch) or the Timeline 5810T (15.6-inch) laptop, each runs on an Intel Ultra Low Voltage processor, which is both powerful enough and extremely energy efficient. Every Timeline laptop will feature an LED widescreen and come standard with a solid state drive, energy-efficient technologies that already exist in the marketplace. According to Acer, the Timeline series also uses a new air flow technology, redirecting cool air along the bottom side of the laptops.


But that’s not all. The new Timeline laptops have sleek aluminum tops and measure only an inch thick, which not only gives them an elegant look but also makes them light and extremely travel friendly.


It also wouldn’t be an Acer overhaul without updates to the company’s popular netbook line. Acer launched a thinner version of the Aspire One (10-inch), measuring less than an inch thick now. Most of the parts and features remain the same, though. Of the two netbooks that were launched at this event, the Acer Aspire One(11.6-inch) was arguably the most talked-about. For one, it’s the first netbook that uses an 11.6-inch widescreen. Though it’s not the biggest screen on a netbook (the Dell Mini Insipiron 12 has a 12-inch widescreen), the length of the system enabled the addition of a full size keyboard – a first on a netbook. A full size keyboard and a decent size screen are potential game changers in the netbook category.  

There are more models that were introduced by Acer. There was no pricing available for any of the new models.

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