It’s something that has been on my mind all day today. What do I consider the perfect broadband connection? For my money, thus far anyway, Verizon’s FiOS has been the best solution for my connectivity needs I have used yet. And I am not just say that!

Yes, I do get frustrated sometimes as my up-speed is not always at the full advertised 20 Mbps, but despite this, the speed cannot be beat. And I say this as an ex-cable user, mind you. But what if satellite did not have its inherent flaws? What if latency and cost was not a factor, it was able to compete in speed with other methods of broadband delivery and best of all, not have silly usage caps.

So when I read stuff like this, I get all excited for those folks who are still stuck in areas where good broadband is not available. I mean, if this article was dated December of 2008, with the expected launch of the new satellite in 2001…perhaps there is hope? What do you think? Wires, wireless, fiber or satellites – where does the future of broadband happen to be?