Microsoft is confirming that users will have the downgrade rights to install either Windows Vista or Windows XP if they are using the future Windows 7. The confirmation came directly from a Microsoft representative when asked about the downgrade rights associated with Windows 7. Which is surprising since Microsoft usually only allows downgrade rights to only one version back. But because so many businesses still need Windows XP because of software compatibility issues, and also hardware issues, two versions back will be included for the first time.

Interesting. Interesting because the conspiracy theorists will jump on this proving that both Vista and Windows 7 are failures. Failures because Microsoft still needs to allow businesses to go all the back to Windows XP. But is this true or not? 

I believe the reality is that because of the economy there are going to be many companies that can not afford to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 that may require a hardware upgrade as well. Add to this the added cost of upgrading existing software and the cost is extremely high. As I stated in another article, I seriously doubt that employees care which OS they are using as long as they have a job to go to.

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