Over the years, Digg.com has been a mixed bag of huge success and some sizable failures. Without question, their search function up until now, has been completely useless. I would go so far as to say it is as useless as I have seen from WordPress’s search functionality, which is pretty bad I might add.

So when I heard that Digg had finally done something to fix that terrible search issue, I felt like things must be on an up swing for the link portal. Imagine being able to actually FIND stuff on Digg.com! It’s a great concept, really. Glad to see it come to life finally.

Also made vastly better is the improvements to their RSS feeds for search, better weight assigned to individual search queries based on various advanced filters and so on. Overall, I see these improvements as a very good thing. Let’s hope this is just is just the beginning of good things coming to Digg.