Google has joined Medco to setup a data base of 60 million users to organize their medical prescription records. Health care professionals state that even in developed countries, many people die due to a lack of accurate medical and prescription records. it is hoped that by the year 2014 a depository of records will be available for all health care professionals to access. According to an article about the joint collaboration between Google and Medco, it also states that:

“Getting access to a comprehensive list of medications is important for improved patient safety and reducing medical errors,” said Sameer Samat, product director at Google Health. “Working with Medco, one of the nation’s leading pharmacy benefit managers, empowers our users to get electronic copies of their complete medication history, including all prescriptions filled at their local drugs store or through their mail-order benefit.”
Google Health is free, and users will be alerted to any potential drug interactions with other medications, diseases or allergies and they can update prescription history with a few clicks.

This seems to be the wave of the future and medical databases will become the norm.  What do you think?

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