Despite what some people might have you believe, the DiggBar is a mixed bag at best. For those people who are looking for a Stumbleupon effect, it is seen as a way of enjoying this same kind of stumbling benefit without adding a physical toolbar. On the flip-side however, I never asked for it yet Digg is using this code on my computer’s browser despite me NEVER agreeing to it.

Some individuals have said that this is something that Digg users are wanting, I definitely disagree and while it is easy enough to remove. The problem for me is that I never asked for this, yet there it is. At no time, do I recall agreeing to this unless there was some ancient TOS I missed back when I first joined Digg as a user? Clearly I must be missing something.

Some websites are so unimpressed, that they are blocking the toolbar completely and rightfully so. It is well in their rights to do so as far as I am concerned. The most predominate of these sites is the mighty Engadget. Yes folks, Engadget is blocking the DiggBar.