My wife, who has been a Mac user for years, has never really given much thought to her Mac’s security. To be honest, outside of failed phishing schemes sent her way, she has not had much reason to concerned. But today, while at work, she was reminded of the importance of making sure she is running with a firewall by a co-worker.

This little tidbit of advice is important for everyone, regardless of the operating system being used. So she has enabled her firewall along with stealth mode, unfortunately it is a pain to diagnose when software is needing a port or not without alerts popping up to tell you if a specific app is needing more access than what you have given it.

Meet the Little Snitch. Designed to put a friendlier face on the OS X firewall controls, Little Snitch allows the Mac user to run their firewall and allow the applications they choose, as much control as needed to run in and out of the network.