Matt Soniak reports on a French study showing the advantages of being left-handed.


Fresh from beating the hell out of a prostitute, Vince is now attempting to sell ShamWows and Slap Chops in Spanish (a language in which he is not fluent).  I understand the video clips are frightening.


Scientists have studied hearing and located the protein that helps protect your ears during periods of loud noise.  This could lead to the development of pills.  Rock Star Ear will soon be a legitimate diagnosis, simply because there will be a pill for it.  Bravo, Big Pharma!


Obama asked his lapdogs (aka Congress) for another $83.4 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amazing that he didn’t just print it himself.

Speaking to veterans, Obama unveiled expanded funding and his push for computerizing health records.

No good will come from computerized health records. Please do not make me say `told you so’.

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation, speaking about wiretap defenses, say that Obama is even worse than Bush.

Obama Administration Defends Warrantless Wiretapping

Obama expands the already anti-Constitutional Faith-Based programs in government.

Not a function of the State.  Period.

New Bill Would Let Obama Snoop In Computer Files


Another really sad piece of legislature that looks like it should have come from the Bush era.  Change – my ass.

The NY Health Commissioner and a Yale food policy director have come up with an idea: tax sugary drinks to discourage obesity.

This is precisely why thinking is dangerous for some people.  Although powerful forces are working against it, this is still America.  We have the right to drink whatever the hell we want.  We can give ourselves cancer via tobacco (although that’s taxed to death too).  If we’re going to be fat, what business is it of the State?

The Five Most Popular Safety Laws (That Don’t Work).

A reporter working for an NPR affiliate had all of his equipment confiscated when he went to interview a veteran who is critical of the VA.


Is Congress Being Too Tough on Nominees’ Taxes?

Fixing Health Care Cheaply: Ban Cigarettes Altogether

How do you get the Maryland legislature off their asses?  Show porn at a college.

National Science Foundation not tough enough on porn, lawmakers charge