After all of the buzz the G1 experienced towards the end of last year, I felt compelled to purchase one. I already had a prepaid Blackberry Pearl 8100 through T-Mobile (which I was completely happy with), but the G1 was looking like the pinnacle of awesomeness. Once I got a disposable paycheck under my belt, I went down to my local T-Mobile store (on Sawdust in The Woodlands, Texas), and picked up this little beauty. My credit was horrible, but (with $180 for the phone and prepaying my first bill), I was able to get a white one to match my MacBook. Most was right in my technological world (or, so I thought).

My first issue was my coverage. According to the T-Mobile website, I was engulfed in 3G coverage. In reality, I was lucky if I got an EDGE connection in my bedroom, and I got two EDGE bars (with perfect weather conditions) in my backyard. Now, I am not one of these loons who will sue because of this dishonesty, but I was a little disheartened by this experience.

Next was my move to Upstate New York. Do you realize that there is nearly NO T-Mobile 3G coverage in Upstate New York? None. Worse than that, I don’t even have EDGE at this house. I don’t get EDGE unless I drive into Utica. Ugh. Right now I am paying $99.99 for 1,000 minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data. I have unlimited data, which I won’t use because it’s a migraine to surf on the GSM network. I am now feel an understanding to those who complain about the iPhone 3G’s handicaps.

As for the worst part of my experience: T-Mobile’s lack of an attention to detail. In all fairness, I am not going to say this issue is company wide. My local T-Mobile store in Sacramento rocked! They had great customer service. The T-Mobile store in question (Sawdust Rd, The Woodlands, Texas) were less than stellar. The guy who handled my account setup told me I couldn’t transfer my number (when Customer Service had told me I could). No big deal, I could use a new number and lose a few contacts. The worst part happened a few days ago.

I tried to login to my T-Mobile account to change my address after moving. They asked for the last four of my social security number. I entered it, and it stated that it was wrong. I then called Customer Service, and told them what had happened. They asked my for my social, and then told me that it didn’t match the one on the account. They told me I would have to go to a corporate store and have this issue fixed.

After a wasted trip to Syracuse, I am no closer to fixing this issue. They couldn’t change the information on their terminal. They also stated that they couldn’t tell me the social that was on the account, but it was nowhere close to mine. So, long story short, even after showing my ID and social security card, I was unable to fix their folly.

It’s amazing that I could go from Sacramento to Southeast Texas and have this amount of contrast of a customer experience.