For about 17 hours, those in and around Silicon Valley, returned to the 1960’s as vital services were disrupted. For those of us who remember the time before 911 dialing, ATM’s and Internet service it may not of been a big deal. But for some who couldn’t buy gas using a credit card  the outage may have been painful. So how did this outage happen?

Person[s] unknown climbed down into a manhole and took a hacksaw to fiber optic cables. This caused a major disruption of service in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz county and surrounding areas. Which just goes to show how vulnerable our fiber optic system has become. According to an article at the San Jose Mercury News, a reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect[s]. The article also states that:

AT&T, whose cable lines leased to Verizon were cut in the wee hours of Thursday morning, offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible — which one spokesman said was the largest reward in his 17 years withthe company. Crews in South San Jose spent Thursday fusing four separate cable lines back together, some working eight feet deep in a manhole at Monterey Highway and Blossom Hill Road and others working with the pulled slack above ground, a few feet from a sign that said in red letters, “Warning: Buried Fiber Optic Cable in This Vicinity. Call Before You Dig.” Nearby, authorities later discovered more cut cable lines at Hayes Avenue and Cottle Road, which affected several hundred customers in the Hellyer, Silver Creek Valley and Tures neighborhoods. Service was expected to be restored early Friday. Cables were also severed at two locations in San Carlos, but no disruption of service was detected. Authorities believe all four incidents are related. Service in the South County area, which was random and sporadic most of the day, was fully restored by 7 p.m. Thursday, along with most of South San Jose.

AT&T spokesman John Britton didn’t want to speculate about whether the sabotage may have been an inside job, but said one of the company’s fundamental security measures was obviously breached.

If the internal security measures were breached I would call that a clue. LOL Do you think it might have been a recently fired disgruntled employee ? 

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