There is a bill working its way through Congress that would change some of the parameters and authorities when it comes to securing the Internet. The law, if passed, will provide more power to the President and also to the Secretary of Commerce. The essence of the bill would give more federal authority over security issues that currently are in the hands of the private sector.

According to an article over at the EFF it states that:

Essentially, the Act would federalize critical infrastructure security. Since many of our critical infrastructure systems (banks, telecommunications, energy) are in the hands of the private sector, the bill would create a major shift of power away from users and companies to the federal government. This is a potentially dangerous approach that favors the dramatic over the sober response.

One proposed provision gives the President unfettered authority to shut down Internet traffic in an emergency and disconnect critical infrastructure systems on national security grounds goes too far. Certainly there are times when a network owner must block harmful traffic, but the bill gives no guidance on when or how the President could responsibly pull the kill switch on privately-owned and operated networks.

Prior to the banking, wall street, financial mess, one could argue that the feds should stay out of the affairs of the Internet. But unfortunately those in the private sector appear to have no concern for the protection of the consumer, and instead are only concerned with their own greed. With this in mind, we need someone watching over the Internet before some greedy person sells it. LOL

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