Since moving to Rome, New York (on March 10, 2009), I can’t help but feel that I am completely engulfed in history, American history. Maybe engulfed is a poor choice of phrasing. I think this area is haunted with history. Honestly, we have monuments to unknown soldiers of the American Revolution, fallen firefighters and police officers of the World Trade Center attacks, and above all: a Revolutionary war fort in the middle of downtown. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill fort recreation (like Sutter’s Fort, in the Sacramento, California area). No, this was excavated. And not only was it excavated, many buildings in downtown Rome were knocked down and gutted to allow for this recreation/excavation.

One really has to see this monolithic creature to appreciate its full beauty and girth. It’s truly a magnificent work of late eighteenth century woodwork. In realizing its beauty, I also realized that I needed this splendid structure for my own: for the recreation of the great Ninjicity Empire.

Hail Mendoza!

In researching said fort, I learned that this fort had kept the British military out during the revolution. Just “rushing” the building could prove fruitless. I then learned that when the weather is warm, the Park Service opens the fort up for public walkthroughs. This was my opportunity! I waited until April 9, 2009 and (without careful planning on my part), I snuck into the open drawbridge of the South end of the structure.

Check out the photographic intelligence at: Fort Stanwix Intel Photos