I have a lot of mixed feelings about Microsoft buying Yahoo, even with the “New Deal” that they are attempting to work out. Not because I do not want MS to succeed, when in truth, I would love to see REAL competition for Google come up from someplace. No, I feel this is just another grab for ad dollars. By itself, a grab for ad dollars is great for the company doing it, while doing NOTHING for the end user.

To be frank, Yahoo is a weak search engine while still boasting a lot of great related content. In my mind, this is where Microsoft’s quest ought to be and perhaps it is, I do not know this for sure. One thing goes without saying – stop using the people who allowed it to fail in the first place. Not blaming the hard working folks who keep the servers greased, rather the folks at the top who failed to keep up. Like the American car companies, Yahoo leadership went soft and allows itself to be mowed over in my opinion.

Microsoft, is in a really unique position. With the right people in charge, hopefully fresh blood and not more of the same, a Yahoo purchase could do well for them. Sadly however, if history has taught me anything, we will see Yahoo run by more Yes Men while completely alienating anyone within the company who might actually have new ideas to help the company move forward. In short, get edgy or get out. This is the era of the social web. Google gets this, does Microsoft? Only time will tell I suppose.