If you’ve ever owned and operated a Web site, then you’ve probably wondered how much it’s worth at one time or another. It’s always nice to be able to attach a value to something, and with a Web site, there are a lot of different factors involved including the composition of the domain name itself, the number of other sites linking to it, and a whole range of other things. Therefore, it can be hard to give a definitive answer. With that said, you can come up with an overall estimate, and that’s what Stimator enables you to do.

Type in a URL, press the Calculate button, and see what happens. After some analysis, you’ll be presented with a report covering a variety of areas that show you how well your domain did and why it’s worth what it’s worth. You wouldn’t want to use Stimator’s financial estimates as complete facts, but they’ll help you to think on the right track. From my experiments, their estimates seem to be more accurate than those from other Web site appraisal tools. Give it a try if you’re curious to see how much your site or any other site might be worth.