WBProtectBeating out a dozen other great companies in the field of “Mobile Applications & Widgets – Healthcare/Public Safety/ Transportation/ Public Services“, WeatherBug’s own WeatherBug Protect BREW LBS Application met the challenge presented to its developers and support staff with flying colors. This meant taking on such competition as OnStar and their OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, amongst a host of other great services.

What is WeatherBug Alert?

For those of you unfamiliar with WeatherBug’s award winning WeatherBug Protect technology, it is a proprietary service created to help governments, schools, businesses, first responders and people such as yourself. WeatherBug protect provides its users with real-time weather alert data from the nearest WeatherBug weather station, along with real-time lightening warnings and civil emergency alerts.

Where can I get WeatherBug Alert?

As highlighted in this previous blog post, you can get WeatherBug alert from Verizon Wireless. As a WeatherBug partner, Verizon distributes WeatherBug Protect over their own Verizon Network. A how-to install WeatherBug Alert can be found at this link.