There is another survey commissioned by a company named  KACE, a Mountain View, Calif., systems management company, that surveyed enterprises concerning their thoughts on upgrading to Windows 7. The survey results of some 1,142 IT Professionals found that the majority of those [ 84% ] indicated they would not be upgrading the first year that Windows 7 hit the street. Though Windows 7 has received positive reviews by beta testes, some 50% were even considering dumping Windows for Apple.

According to a news article from Fortune, it also stated that:

Among the survey’s other findings:

  • 53% of those who will upgrade to Windows 7 say that they are doing so primarily to avoid Windows Vista
  • 67% state concerns about Windows 7, with 88% of those worried about software compatibility
  • 83% will skip Vista and migrate directly to Windows 7
  • 72% are more concerned about upgrading to Windows 7 than staying on Windows XP
  • 14% have already switched or started the process of switching operating systems (up from 11% in    2008)

Which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the current economic climate. It may be some time before Windows 7 becomes the prominent OS for businesses.

I personally believe that consumers well flock to Windows 7 and bypass Vista if possible. I’m already looking at upgrading my laptop to Windows 7 when it is released. 

What about you?

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