This morning I was reading an article in which Stevie Nicks made some not so revoluntary revelations. She stated in an interview that computers and cell phones are ruining our children. No duh! When did Stevie Nicks come to this conclusion? This is something that most parents and grandparents deal with every day. But are computers and cell phones really corrupting our kids?

In one statement Stevie Nicks stated this:

“I believe that computers have taken over the world. I believe that they have in many ways ruined our children. I believe that kids used to love to go out and play,” Nicks says in her famously smoky voice.

“I believe that social graces are gone because manners are gone because all people do is sit around and text. I think it’s obnoxious.”

Nicks does own an iPod, but she prefers to listen to music — which includes her new CD, “The Soundstage Sessions” — on a boombox. (The CD also comes packaged with a DVD.)

She believes that kids used to love to go out and play. Did kids really like playing outside? Or was it for the convenience of mom and dad? Since kids don’t fit Stevie Nicks parameters of what kids are supposed to do, does that make using the computer or texting bad? Isn’t it just a fad like fads of the past that previous generations were criticized for?

Just as one example of the generation differences, wasn’t it rock-n-roll that was going to ruin the kids of the 1950’s? Are how about using a TV as a baby sitter? Did that ruin any of you as kids? Did you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because you watched TV instead of running around outside?

So what do you think?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.