Better Flash development for Facebook developers. This seems like a great idea and at first pass, I cannot think of one thing that would be a problem here. But despite this otherwise great news, considering the growing malicious acts taking place on the social media landscape, I cannot help but wonder if adding in this new Flash functionality is actually opening up a potential Pandora’s box of problems?

Yet on the flip side, this translates into new opportunities for Flash devs using Facebook as their platform of choice. What with the Web 2.0 being all the rage these days, any security concerns with new functionality may very well fall onto deaf ears.

Rich, fun to use apps for Facebook thanks to Adobe’s efforts. What do you think, are we on a task to many new good things? Or instead, should we be concerned? Speaking for myself, I have serious reservations about adding new functionality with a platform that has zero real security to prevent potential abuse, but this is just me.